Dave and Linz's photo album

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Us, family and pets

Bandit lying in the sun   Bandit on the bedroom windowsill
Felix in the jungle, aka our back "garden"   Felix keeping watch from a safe place, ie behind the sofa
A portrait of Linz   Linz's infamous Belsen cut   Linz thinking about a killer Scrabble move, christmas 2001   Linz, christmas 2001   Linz on a walk round Hebden Wood
Linz's parents' cat Bindi
Dave's niece Samantha with her son Harrison (Agh! I'm a great-uncle!)   Dave's mum with Harrison

Around Walsden (that's where we live)

From our window, a rainbow
Just down the hill (and along a bit), the canal in winter
From up the hill past Gauxholme, heading towards Bacup, a lamb
Midge Hole WMC (OK so it's Hebden Bridge, not Walsden)

Cambridge, April 2003 - out for a few beers

Robert the lurker and Karen
Some phag in a hat
Ian holds forth [they work{ed}, you know]

British Juggling Convention - Whitstable 2002

Really hard to get good pics from halfway back in the auditorium, but anyway:
An aerialist who did some rather good rope work
A pants-wettingly funny nutter who did an act with a rather large balloon
Also very funny, a unicyclist in a horse costume - he could skip rope in all that getup, too!

Sheddi stuff

Pop Pop boats!

Mark Addy Moot June 2003

Thomas, Linz with Pipple & Inky, Dewey
Dewey and Duncan Duck
Catherine & Jenny, Mike, Richard, Squid
Coj, Rap, Jaimie
TerWur, Mrs Barnes, Laura
Guy, Pipple and Martha [non-speaking part: Austen]
Dewey and Coj
Is Lizz tiny or is Richard a giant?
August & Janet

Our mate Ade's team B-racing and other racing cars

Oulton Park, April 2003
Ade again
Colin, with Ade a few lengths behind
One of these cars is pointing the wrong way...

More to come

Possibly even quite soon!